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Anna Latta
General Manager
(833) 812-6133

Anna Latta, General Manager, is a Hillsborough, North Carolina native. Anna is naturally driven to be the best and enjoys pursuing new challenges with a positive attitude. She is looking forward to the continued growth and development of her team, with the goal of achieving Hendrick Champions in the next few years. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, planting flowers and taking long walks with her dog. In the future, she hopes to travel the world and learn new skills like cooking and creative writing. Anna's caring and genuine manner cultivates a family-like atmosphere that both her teammates and clients enjoy.

Gerald Ramoin
Market Area Vice President
(833) 856-5687

Gerald Ramoin, Market Area Vice President, is originally from Sulphur, Louisiana and moved to the Triangle area in 1993. Some of Gerald's favorite pastimes are spending time at his lake house, golfing, cycling, watching sports, and doing things outdoors with his four children. In the future, Gerald hopes to see all of his children graduate from college and continue to help them set goals for their futures and careers. Gerald wants all Hendrick Southpoint customers to know that we treat our clients like family and that doesn't change after you buy a car. We are here to make sure you are ALWAYS driving your dream, Hendrick, vehicle.

"Don't Settle." -Unknown

Brad Woolley
General Sales Manager
(833) 812-6135

Brad Woolley, General Sales Manager, is originally from Princeton, New Jersey and moved to Chapel Hill in 1993. He was a part of the first graduating class from East Chapel Hill High School. Brad attended Guilford College where he was on the men's basketball team. When Brad isn't working, he likes to spend time with his family playing soccer, riding bikes, and playing games and legos. He is also a huge UNC Tarheel fan and Carolina Panther fan. Brad wants all his clients to know that he truly loves his job and is excited to get the chance to come to work every day and help his clients.

"Action = Action." -Gerald Ramoin

Debois Thompson
Floor Manager
(833) 882-9240

Poonam Nandani
Marketing & Communications Director
(855) 596-8278

Brian Lahue
Parts Manager
(833) 288-9058

Brian Lahue, Parts Manager, was born and raised in Peru, New York and moved to North Carolina in 2000. In his free time, he enjoys working on old cars, hiking, biking, sightseeing and watching sports. His favorite place he has traveled to so far is the Grand Canyon. In the next few years, he hopes to grow within the company and as always, help improve Team Hendrick.

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." -Theodore Roosevelt

Raja Assaf
Business Manager
(833) 314-9761

Chris Kulis
Business Manager
(833) 882-9239

Chris Kulis, Business Manager, is originally from upstate New York and has been in the Triangle area for 11 years. In his free time, Chris enjoys karate and watching and playing basketball. His goals for the future are to grow within the Hendrick Automotive Group and always give 100%. Chris is a top performer and the recent recipient of the Hendrick President's Club award. Chris wants his clients to know that the Subaru Southpoint team here to build a relationship with you, not just sell you your dream vehicle.

"Get busy living or get busy dying." - Fall Out Boy

Will Priest
Used Car Manager



Will Lanter
Product Specialist

Bob Barrett
Product Specialist
(855) 996-7673

Bob Barrett, Product Specialist, is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and has lived in the Triangle for over 20 years. He brings a wealth of life experience and a positive attitude to the Subaru Southpoint team. His goal every day is to make each person he interacts with feel special and appreciated. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his children and grandchild.

Taylor Bayait
Product Specialist
(833) 272-6294

Stacey Camp
Product Specialist
(844) 488-1700

Stacey Camp, Product Specialist, is originally from New York and moved to the Triangle just over a year ago. She has been in sales for over 7 years and enjoys working with people and making them happy. Her favorite pastimes are weightlifting, roller skating, and crafting.  Her short-term goal is to hone her sales technique, while her long-term goal is to be the #1 salesperson at Subaru Southpoint. The things that set her apart from her coworkers are her resiliency and tenacity - "I just won't stop until I achieve my goals!"

Alex Curtis
Product Specialist
(833) 882-9234

Alex Curtis, Product Specialist, is originally from Mississippi. He played collegiate and professional Arena League Football and loves to cook in his free time. His favorite place that he has traveled to, so far, is the Dominican Republic. Alex's goals are to be successful in everything he does, and he sees himself in a management position within the company in the next five years. Alex wants his clients to know that he genuine and sincere in his desire to help them find what they are looking for in a vehicle.

"Strive to be better than the day before, no matter the situation or the circumstance." -Unknown

Carl Diederich
Product Specialist
(833) 812-6136

Carl Diederich, Product Specialist, is originally from Aurora, Illinois but moved here in 2004. In his spare time, Carl enjoys the outdoors and has recently has taken up woodworking. Carl has been with the Hendrick family for over 13 years and really enjoys his time with his clients. In five years, Carl hopes to still be assisting customers purchase their dream cars.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." -Napoleon Hill 

West Dupuis
Delivery Specialist
(833) 880-4988

David Freiburghouse
Product Specialist
(833) 812-6129

David Freiburghouse, Product Specialist, is from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, and moved to North Carolina in October 2013. Fondly referred to as "House," you will find him helping clients and teammates alike with whatever needs to be done. He is constantly increasing his product knowledge to be a better asset to his clients and to help him become a manager in the future. Outside of work, he enjoys playing soccer, flying drones, and working on old cars. What sets him apart from his coworkers? He likes pineapple on his pizza!

Mackenzie Gibson
Product Specialist
(844) 854-6100

Mackenzie Gibson, Product Specialist, moved to Durham from Halifax Country, Virginia, in March 2018. His favorite hobbies include working on project cars, making music with his software editor, and watching movies (with lots of snacks!). He hopes to soon have a place of his own with room for a studio and project car. He is committed to becoming the best Product Specialist he can be, with the long-term goal of becoming a Hendrick trainer.

Sam Haller
Encore Delivery Specialist
(833) 814-0520

Samuel Haller, Encore Delivery Specialist, is a Durham native. In his free time, Samuel enjoys playing the trumpet and watching baseball. His goals for the future are to continue to serving his customers as best as he possibly can. Samuel is passionate about meeting all of his clients' expectations and takes great pride in his contribution to the Hendrick Team.

"Don't worry about something that you can't change." -Unknown

David Hickerson
Product Specialist
(833) 812-6130

David Hickerson, Product Specialist, was born in Wichita Falls, Texas and has been living in Pittsboro for 22 years. When David isn't working, he enjoys drawing, playing guitar, and watching movies and documentaries. One of his favorite places he has traveled is to the mountains of North Carolina. David's long-term goals are to go back to college and get his Masters in Electrical Engineering. He wants all clients to know that his introverted nature makes him very easy to work with.

"There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way." - Christopher Morley

Chris Kinkade
Product Specialist
(833) 812-6131

Ashley Lamonds
Product Specialist
(833) 882-9236

Joseph Maher
Product Specialist
(833) 812-6132

Joseph Maher, Product Specialist, is originally from Long Island, New York, and moved to Chapel Hill in 2004. He enjoys music and travelling and hopes to travel even more in the future. He enjoys his job and likes to have fun with his clients. His goal is to make every customer's experience refreshingly easy and 100% stress-free.

Vincent McLeod
Product Specialist
(833) 814-0522

Vincent McLeod, Product Specialist, is a native North Carolinian and currently lives in Raleigh. In his spare time, Vincent enjoys cooking on his grill and watching Smokey and the Bandit. Vincent hopes to move up within Hendrick Automotive Group and become a manager or director. He also wants all his clients to know that he is here for you and will help you in any way that he can.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." -Philippians 4:13

Jean Mendez Mercado
Product Specialist
(844) 854-6200

Isaac Clay Rice
Client Advisor
(833) 812-6128

Benny Wong
Product Specialist
(855) 996-6952

Benny Wong, Product Specialist, is the first generation of his family to be born in the United States, most of his family being from Hong Kong. His favorite pastimes are taekwondo, working on his car, and fishing. Benny's long term goals are to pay off his parents' house and purchase his dad a nice, big fishing boat. He also hopes, in the next five years, to start a family and move up within the Hendrick Automotive Group. Benny wants his clients to know that he always turns negative into positive and will always look out for his client's best interests.

"It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or mile, winning is winning." - The Fast and Furious



Scott Wilkins
Service Advisor
(833) 886-3897

Matthew Witt
Service Advisor
(833) 830-0958

Matthew Witt, Internal Service Advisor, is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and has lived in the Triangle all his life. He enjoys baseball, hockey, and playing guitar on his free time, and someday hopes to hike the entire Appalachian Trail! He also hopes to soon start a family with his fiancee. Matthew is a vital part of the Subaru Southpoint team, keeping the behind-the-scenes operations of the service department running smoothly. He is often recognized by his teammates as someone who goes above and beyond what is expected. Matthew enjoys making his coworkers laugh and encouraging positive energy at work.

Daniela Blackwelder
Client Experience Ambassador
(833) 830-0951



Chris Gomez
Assistant Parts Manager
(833) 299-0190

Chris Gomez, Assistant Parts Manager, is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and has been with Subaru Southpoint for over 3 years. His favorite pastimes include spending time with his wife and two daughters, playing softball, and camping. He hopes to continue his growth within the Hendrick Automotive Group and become a Parts Manager. He has a long history in the automotive industry, beginning when he was 15. While in high school, Chris worked as a technician apprentice with Mazda. Following graduation, he spent 10 years as a certified Mazda technician in Durham before joining Subaru Southpoint. He wants all his clients to know that he is committed to doing his best work for each of them and leveraging his years of experience in the industry for their benefit. 

Alfonso Piacentini
Parts Consultant
(833) 664-6191

Jason Siske
Parts Consultant
(833) 299-0192

Jason Siske, Parts Consultant, is from Waynesville, North Carolina, and moved to the Triangle about three and half years ago. He enjoys spending time outdoors camping, hiking, and bike riding. His work ethic, team-centered perspective, and problem-solving attitude make Jason a great asset to the Subaru Southpoint team.  



Brook Bloss
Finance Coordinator
(984) 287-5696


Guest Services

Lisa Decker
Guest Services Representative

Lisa Decker, Guest Services Representative, is originally from Spencerport, New York and has been in the Triangle area since 1989. Outside of work, Lisa is an artisan, specializing in acrylic, watercolor, oils, primitive arts, crafts, and jewelry. She also sings and plays various instruments, such as guitar, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, and ukulele. In her spare time, she likes to watch movies with her husband, cook, and bake. Lisa has traveled to many places, but Disney is still her all-time favorite and she can't wait to visit with her grandchildren.

"I believe we are here for each other, not against each other. Everything comes from an understanding that you are a gift in my life- whoever you are, whatever our differences." -John Denver