Enter to win a 36-month lease for a 2017 Subaru Impreza 2.0i - or Cash!

* Winner may choose to receive 80% of prize value in cash instead of a car lease * Value may be used towards a different Subaru of your choice. Lease provided through Performance Subaru Prize Value: $8,682.48 36 - month lease with 10,000 Miles/Year Ticket Price: $100 No more that 200 tickets will be sold Drawing will take place on Nov. 11th at PawsFest.

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Eligible participants include individuals ages 21 and older who satisfy the contest rules and requirements set forth below. Paws4ever staff and their spouses and domestic partners are not eligible to win. Raffle tickets will be sold online from October 10th - Nov. 10th at 12pm, and at PawsFest on November 11th, or until all 200 tickets have been sold. A minimum of 90 tickets must be sold for the raffle to occur. If fewer than 90 tickets are sold, ticket buyers will receive a refund for the full price of the tickets. Winner will be selected on November 11th at PawsFest. Winner does not need to be present to win. If the winner is not present, winner will be notified by telephone and/or email within two days of the drawing. Positive contact must be made within two weeks. In the event that contact cannot be established, an alternate winner will be selected. In the event that the winner forfeits the prize, an alternate winner will be selected. Odds of winning are based on the total number of tickets sold. The raffle ticket price is not tax deductible as a contribution to Paws4ever. The prize includes the cost of the lease only. The winner of the vehicle lease is responsible for all expenses associated with the lease and the vehicle, including without limitations, taxes, tag and administrative fees, insurance, excess mileage over 10,000 miles per year, vehicle damage above normal wear and tear, and other expenses set forth in the lease between the winner and the dealership. Paws4ever is not responsible for any accidents or damage to property or person incurred while using the prize. Winner is subject to all terms and conditions of the lease issued by the dealership. Winner must qualify for financing through Subaru Finance because the lease is in the winner's name. The financial institution through which the lease is transacted assesses credit worthiness. If the winner does not meet credit qualifications, winner will be given the option to receive 80% of the prize value in cash. The winner must hold a valid driver's license and provide proof of valid and acceptable insurance in accordance with NC laws and financial institution requirements. Value of prize may be used towards the rental of a different vehicle at Performance Subaru, but winner will be responsible for paying additional cost, if applicable. If winner chooses a less expensive vehicle, the difference will be donated to Paws4ever. Prize is non-transferable. If the winner chooses to take a cash payment rather than the lease, winner will receive 80% of the prize value, and the remainder will be donated to Paws4ever. Winner would be responsible for taxes on the prize money they receive. Paws4ever will comply with all applicable tax requirements, including reporting and withholding requirements. The winner of the raffle is responsible for paying all taxes owed on the winnings, including, but not limited to, property, income, and highway use. Paws4ever will mail applicable tax forms to the winner of the raffle and report the prize to the IRS. Paws4ever will collect the required withholdings upon entrance into lease agreement or upon payment of cash prize. 

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