Explore Your End of Lease Options at Performance Subaru in Chapel Hill, NC

Performance Subaru is pleased to serve the Chapel Hill, NC area with exceptional customer service and the unbeatable quality of Subaru vehicles. We value our customers who choose to lease their Subaru from our dealership, and we're here to help when your lease nears completion.  Drivers nearing the end of their lease may be wondering what the best next steps are, so we have several options for your next steps.

The most popular and simplest option when you return your leased vehicle is to buy or lease a new one. Simply visit the dealership when you are nearing the end of your lease, and our dedicated sales team will help you explore our new inventory of Subaru cars and SUVs for purchase or lease options. You can also work directly with our finance department so they can get to know your lifestyle and budget, and help you find the right financing or loan options for your new vehicle.

If you leased your Subaru from another dealership but would like for Performance Subaru to assist you in your next steps, we're happy to help!  Our team can help you with the paperwork process, but the leaseholder is responsible for taking care of any mileage overages or excessive wear and tear, for making any outstanding payments, or wrapping up any other end-of-term responsibilities.  The Performance Subaru team is here to assist you in any way we can, so we encourage you to stop by or contact us.

We know and understand how amazing a Subaru is, and some drivers may have come to love their leased Subaru so much they don't want to part with it. Buying your leased vehicle is another way to address the end of your lease; one of the advantages to buying your Subaru off the lease is that you won't be responsible for any mileage overages, excessive wear, or damage since you won't be returning the vehicle to the dealership. You may also enjoy available specials or low financing rates when you purchase off your lease in addition to keeping the car or SUV you've come to love.

If you find your Subaru nearing lease completion and you're still not sure what to do, visit Performance Subaru and our team will work with you to explore the options and decide on what makes sense for you. We look forward to working with you!

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