Benefits of Buying vs. Leasing

Subaru Southpoint is happy to offer drivers an unbeatable selection of new Subaru cars and SUVs such as the popular Subaru Outback, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, and so much more. When drivers visit us, they really are faced with many choices such as which model vehicle they want, which available features are most important, their budget and making the decision to buy or lease. There are advantages to both, and which one is right for you just depends on your lifestyle, budget, and personal preference. Our sales and finance teams understand the benefits of buying and leasing and are happy to get to know you and your preferences, so they can help guide your decision.

Benefits of Purchasing a Vehicle

  • Perhaps the greatest benefit of purchasing a new vehicle is that every penny you put into that vehicle's payments or maintenance  goes towards ownership since when you are finished making the payments, you'll own your car or SUV for the life of the vehicle.
  • You'll have more flexibility to travel since you won't have any mileage restrictions when you purchase a vehicle.
  • You're not obligated to make repairs or pay fees for mileage or wear and tear, and much of it will be covered by your warranty on new vehicles, anyway.

Benefits of Leasing a Vehicle

  • You may find a lower monthly payment with a lease since you're paying a portion of the vehicle's value over time versus paying the entire value of the vehicle.
  • With a lease, you'll be responsible for wear and tear, and there will be guidelines regarding your mileage; make sure you keep an eye on the odometer and visit our service center for regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs.
  • Cost of ownership is more predictable since you'll own the vehicle for a finite period, and the warranty often covers the vehicle through part (or all) of the lease period.
  • You have many options when a lease is completed; you can buy your leased vehicle for the residual value, lease or purchase a new vehicle, or you can move on from the lease.

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