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Here at Performance Subaru, we not only want to earn your business, but also your trust and happiness. Read below to see what our customers have to say about us!
I wanted to write to you to commend you and your team, (especially Tracy and Detrick) for your handling of my recent car repair. A few weeks ago I had my Baja towed from the Burlington Subaru dealership service center, to your service center because your team agreed to replace my Turbo and Catalytic converter using the OEM parts that I bought online. Not only did your team repair my car using my parts, you saved me even more money because you didn't need to use all the parts that I supplied. I returned that unused part and got a $300 refund. In addition, your team did one other small repair and finished my car 2 days earlier than promised.
Due to your decision to accept my repair and your focus on customer satisfaction, I was able to save $1,000. It was still a very very expensive repair, but $3,000 is much more palatable than $4,000.
I also wanted to let you know that I called SUBARU of America last week to report the unsatisfactory treatment I received at the other dealership. And while I was on the phone detailing the extreme shortcomings of  Maxwell Subaru, I also told them repeatedly that I did finally receive the Subaru corporate objective of 'Enjoyment and Peace of Mind' from your center. I told them that I didn't understand how there could be such a vast difference in the treatment of customers from one dealership to another.
I wanted to let you know that not only do I appreciate your service center, I made sure to let SOA know how I felt. Superior customer service should be rewarded. I hope that they will reward you and your team.
BTW, I will be making an appointment in 2 months to have my oil changed.
Thanks again to you and your team...please pass the word!!!!
Reagards, Dona

Tracy was great to work with in making sure Performance customer service met its goal. Brenda, 2008 Subaru Tribeca, April 3, 2014.
I wanted to let you know about the stellar service that I received when I brought my Subaru in for repairs. Mr. Brian Good always had a genuine smile and a friendly word that gave me confidence that my car would be attended to with minimal disruption to my family schedule. And he delivered!! Although I was terribly disappointed that my Subaru suffered a costly gasket problem when I thought that Subaru had resolved the problem before my purchase, the pang was eased by the awesome service I got with Mr. Good. While I was getting the gaskets repaired he also attended to a leak, my inspection, new tires, and some other small repairs. My friends and family will certainly be hearing about my good experience, especially how Mr. Good was able to meet the lowest price I found elsewhere for tires, and his effort to make my experience at Performance Subaru a wonderful one. Rachel, 2005 Subaru Outback Owner, January 17, 2014.

Tracy Williams at the Service Desk went out of his way to be helpful and made my experience a very positive one. I was also blown away by the Service Technician, Mike, going the extra mile to make sure that my car perfect before I picked it up. I was very happy with the service I received and I felt that the cost was extremely fair.  Matthew, 2002 Subaru Impreza Owner, January 16, 2014.

Polite, friendly; excellent communication in extent of repairs and cost. Jan, 2006 Subaru Forester Owner, January 20, 2014.

Our 2002 Suburu suffered failing fuel lines after the 9 degree night recently, and we began smelling gas. I called Tracy Williams in the service department at about 1:30 pm on Tuesday Jan 7th in the service department, and he advised us to bring it in asap. He advised that it would likely not be possible to get it fixed that afternoon but it would be as soon as possible, and he would call with an update and cost estimate. He called Wed morning with the estimate to replace all the leaking fuel lines. I told him I would need a shuttle to pick me up at work late Wed afternoon since I would not have a way to come pick the car up, and he assured me that I would not be left stranded. Later he called to say the vehicle was ready, and that the shuttle driver would contact me. Later Coley called and we arranged for him to pick me up after 5:30. He did and got me safely and swiftly to Performance Suburu, and was very friendly and nice. I appreciate what Tracy, Coley and the mechanics there did to help us with what was a dire need.  -Carl, 2002 Subaru Outback Owner, 1/9/2014

Subaru service has always been prompt and helpful, great service and the staff is very kind. I would not go anywhere else. Shannon, 2013 Subaru Outback service client, 12/28/2013.

I always have great customer service at Performance Subaru!  -Paul, 2013 Subaru Impreza WRX Owner, 12/31/2013

Brian, my service advisor, was fantastic. He explained options, what those options meant, and made sure I was comfortable with the cost of optional repairs before making them. He was everything i look for in a service advisor. Kudos.  -Kevin, 2011 Subaru Forester service client, 12/27/2013

I love Performance because they are always honest when it comes to your vehicular problems. Unlike many compnies, they investigate the issue you are having with your car and discuss the best solution with you prior to fixing it. They are only interested in fixing your vehicle to your satisfaction not making more money by saying they are fixing things that are not broken. Kudos! I recommend Performance to all of my friends.  -Angela, 2003 Subaru Forester service client, 12/19/2013

Tracy and Mike do an outstanding job. Tracy is very helpful and I feel comfortable he's taking care of my vehicle. I chose Subaru in Chapel Hill even if I work in Raleigh because these individuals are real professionals and good people.  -Alix, 2002 Subaru Legacy Owner, 11/20/2013

Very good service. They got back to me to give estimate just as they said and service performed just as agreed. Also, it worked out very well that shuttle could take me home and driver was very plesant. I was VERY PLEASED with my service yesterday. -Carol, 2003 Subaru Legacy Owner, 10/31/2013

Service at Performance is always a positive experience and I refer many Subaru owners to your dealership! I love my Outback and would get another when the time is right!  -Janice, 2010 Subaru Outback Owner, 10/26/2013

Greatest service ever received from any dealership worldwide. You should be proud!!!!! -Antonio, 2011 Subaru Outback Owner, 10/25/2013
Outstanding customer service by service advisor Tracy Williams! Tracy worked with Laurie J. of Subaru to handle an equipment problem under warranty. Both Tracy and Laurie J. were terrific! Laurie mentioned she was impressed how Tracy coordinated resolution without the customer having to pay and be reimbursed by Subaru. Laurie mentioned she wished all Subaru dealers were as cooperative and thoughtful as Performance, particularly Tracy's efforts. I mentioned I had purchased 3 vehicles from Hendrick dealerships with comparable fine service. -Elmer, 2010 Subaru Forester Owner, 10/23,2013

Both Ellison in ordering my special parts and Scott Davis did an outstanding job of customer service. Scott had the car completed ahead of schedule and called me to come get sooner than expected. I also asked for some help trying to work the hands free system. Scot immediately went to the sales office and got West Dupuis to come to my car in the service area and demonstrate how to connect my cell phone to the handsfree system. I am more than completely satisfied with everything that happened in my first service experience at Performance. I will gladly recommend a Subaru & Performance as the dealer to anyone that asks me.  -Jeff, 2013 Subaru Outback Owner, 10/9/2013

Tracy Williams has been taking care of our 2011 Legacy and 2011 Impreza for about a year now and I could never be more pleased! He is extremely helpful and kind every time! Thank you and your team for all of your hard work!  -Cole, 2011 Subaru Impreza, 10/8/2013

Both Ellison in ordering my special parts and Scott Davis did an outstanding job of customer service. Scott had the car completed ahead of schedule and called me to come get sooner than expected. I also asked for some help trying to work the hands free system. Scot immediately went to the sales office and got West Dupuis to come to my car in the service area and demonstrate how to connect my cell phone to the handsfree system. I am more than completely satisfied with everything that happened in my first service experience at Performance. I will gladly recommend a Subaru & Performance as the dealer to anyone that asks me.  -Jeff, 2013 Subaru Outback Owner, 10/9/2013

After a small mix-up in the scheduling, it went well. Jason was very kind and nice and Tracey in the service dept. is always terrific. You folks deserve the loyalty I feel for you. Thanks again.  -Edward, 2014 Subaru Forester Owner, 10/4/2013

Tracy is awesome. He is technically knowledgeable and personable and even remembered details from my visit 5 months ago. Overall a very good experience.  -Brent, 2013 Subaru Crosstrek Owner, 9/19/2013

Very professional visit. Best visit to a dealership I have ever had.  -Anne, 2006 Subaru Outback Owner, 9/13/2013

As always, thanks for the extra special service and treatment when I visit Performance Automall. Tracy went above and beyond to assist me and my car is running smoothly. I wouldn't take it anywhere else. On a scale of 1-10, Subaru Service gets a 12+++. Sincerely, -Anita, 2009 Subaru Forester Owner, 9/12/2013.

I am extremely satisfied with all the work that has been done on my Subaru! No place has ever been as prompt, courteous, and well-informed, and I appreciate all the help I have had. -Shirley, 2007 Outback Owner, 8/15/2013

Great service as always. I have been using you all exclusively for 10 years and plan to continue for another 10 years.  -Martha, 2004 Subaru Outback Owner, 8/2/2013

Outstanding service. Efficient, professional, and courteous. Thank you!  -Steven 2013 Subaru Outback Owner 7/31/2013

I was very satisfied with my service yesterday. Gus did an excellent job from taking my concerns / repairs, to explaining all my repairs to me once the work has been completed, so I could understand exactly what work was performed. Great Job. Thank you.  -Billie 8/1/2013

The service was great. The technical advisors (both Ben and Tracy) were friendly and helpful. I will definitely recommend Performance Subaru. Thank you!  -Naoimi 7/28/2013

This was my first time using Performance Subaru, and I was incredibly impressed. Tracy Williams was very helpful and made a special effort to make sure I was not purchasing a service that I did not need or that I had had within the last year. He answered my questions, and he ensured that I was getting the best and accurate service. I will most definitely recommend Performance to others, and I will undoubtedly return for future needs. Thank you very much!  - Megan 7/27/2013

Brian... thank you for the courteous service and excellent client care you provided to me during my initial visit to Performance / Chapel Hill.  I often use the expression 'you only get one chance to make a first impression'!  You made an excellent one today; for both yourself and on behalf of the Performance Automall.

As I mentioned to you, this is the first Subaru I've owned (my wife has owned several in years past) and have had the car only a week.  So far, we've really enjoyed the car and now have found an excellent service source for the days ahead.  Thanks again for your excellent assisntance... -Howard 7/9/2013

It is unusual for me to compliment a business for doing a job that they were "hired to do", this would be an exception. I left your dealership today with a feeling of overwhelming satisfaction, here is the short version of the story. My wife and I returned from vacation Monday, we had parked our Subaru Impreza (purchased from your dealership last summer) in long term parking. While the car was parked someone must have scraped their suitcase against the driver side of the car. I thought that I'd have to take it to a body-shop to be repaired but figured I'd first give buffing it out a shot, so I made an appointment with your Detail shop. I'm terrible with names but the Detail Shop Supervisor Mrs. X (I feel terrible for forgetting her name already) was a tremendous help and I am happy to say truly delivered the goods. My car (wife's car) looks outstanding. She was assisted by Tracy (again, terrible with names) the service rep who lends an excellent "face" to your establishment, friendly and helpful. This is at least our 5th Subaru, and first one purchased from your Dealership. If I am still here in another 4 years we will certainly purchase it's replacement from your Dealership, and I will make the long drive from Southern Pines to your Dealership to have our periodic maintenance performed by your shop on our current Subaru.  Many Thanks.  -Elmer 7/11/2013

I have had nothing but the greatest service at your dealership. My wife and I came in earlier this week to do an oil change and could not wait but Gus took the tie to check he air in the tires as our sensor was showing something wrong. He has helped us before. Ben could not have been nicer on Sat. When we need a new car, Subaru will be at the top of the list. Thanks so much for being there for us. -Alan and Linda 7/6/2013

I highly recommend Tracy extremely HELPFUL -Jawahar 7/3/2013

Brian was awesome. He not only talked with me about the best tires to replace the factory installed tires, but also was extremely helpful in problem solving two other issues with the rear seat lever and repair of a side wall dent. He provided excellent service! -Theresa 7/1/2013

My service at Performance was great! You fixed the heat shield sound on my Forester and changes my oil. I was very impressed as my regular shop said I had to live with the sound. I will be returning to your service department as I purchased the oil/tire change package deal. -Joseph

Brian was awesome. He not only talked with me about the best tires to replace the factory installed tires, but also was extremely helpful in problem solving two other issues with the rear seat lever and repair of a side wall dent. He provided excellent service!  -Theresa

My first time using your service dept. and I was very pleased. In particular, the shuttle service you offer was great. Russ your driver was really nice and accommodating with picking me up from Duke South where I work. Thank you. -Brian

I am completely satisfied with Performance Subaru Service. They are the best! They take excellent care of my Forester and me!

I have only praise for the staff at Subaru. Gus takes care of me and Knows what my car needs at the milage it is at. Any recommendation has only made my car more stable. I appreciate all the staff at Subaru. They deserve a star. -Shannon

I had a wonderful experience. Tracy Williams inspired my confidence in the techs ability to solve any problems that developed and made me want to continue my relationship with the service department. Thanks Guys! -Mike

I have always been very satisfied with the service at Performance Subaru in Chapel Hill. Since purchasing my first Subaru two years ago I have had numerous oil/filter/tire rotation services. The staff is always very courteous and helpful. -Frank

As usual, Brain Good and the Subaru service techs well exceeded my expectations. A definite "12" on a scale of 1 to 10 with a 10 being excellent!

Never will I go to an independent repair shop again! Very nice and refreshing dealing with folks who know your car well and, as important, who know what to do and how to do it to perfection. Thank you.  -Karin

I had a great experience with my most recent visit to Performance Subaru as I have had in the past. I recently had an issue with my vehicle that took a number of services to fix but Subaru took care of me very well to resolve the issue. Each visit they made sure I had a loaner to still get around while they worked extensively on my vehicle. I really appreciate everyone that helped me personally and worked on my car.  -Michael

Tracy William was very helpful and took time to explain to myself and my fiancé what exactly was being done to my car. I will defiantly be bring my car back and ask to work with him again!

Tracy went above and beyond in getting me in and out the other day. He and the service team should be commended on exceeding my expectations and excellent customer service. -Ryan

Just purchased a 2012 Subaru Forester- my 5th Subaru- and found the sales team at Performance excellent. Bill Miller went over everything I needed to know and promised to program the Bluetooth capability with my cell phone, since I have no clue. If this new 'Subie' is as reliable as my last 4, I will be a happy camper. -Carol F.

We purchased a Subaru Forrest within the last couple weeks. The car buying process has always been tedious, and I wouldn't say that this recent experience was easy. But the folks at Performance Subaru definitely made the process as quick and painless as possible. We were able to meet with everyone involved, from the manager to the warranty personnel, each was knowledgeable and friendly. We felt that the experience was very personalized and positive. Would recommend the experience to our friends and family. -Google User

Gus and the Service Team at Performance Subaru are always a joy to work with. Would not take my Outback anywhere else for maintenance. -Donna C

The staff at Performance of Subaru were very friendly. The General Manager greeted me first, and showed me the cars that I was interested in. It wasn't until she introduced me to one of the sales people that I realized she was the General Manager. The salesperson was very friendly and took his time to show me more cars, and we negotiated a great deal along with the General Manager. Afterward, I met the finance person, and he was great. There were no hard sales tactics, no silly dealer installed options like pin-stripes, coating (read wax) that were added to the vehicle. Also, I liked the fact that they did not stick a dealer badge on the car as well. After I finished the paperwork with the Finance person, my sales person took his time to show me all the new features of the my new Outback 3.6R Limited. As a techie, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the technology that are in cars nowadays, but my sales person patiently showed me how to set up a blu-tooth with my smartphone, how to get the XM Satellite ID from my radio, etc... All I can say, it was one of the best sales experiences I've ever had. Good bye Honda! Hello Subaru! -Chikeg

Thanks so much Fred. We love our Subaru and we're all smiles. You and the team at Performance are awesome to work with. Please tell Ann thanks as well. I'll never purchase in Raleigh again! You've won me over. -Bob S.

I mailed an internet query to Subaru for information about a 2012 outback. Bill Miller at Performance Subaru in Chapel Hill was the only person who responded to my query, and he responded the next morning by calling me, even though it was Saturday. I should also mention that he was honest and willing to quote me real numbers over the phone that blew away other dealers in the area. I live in Cary NC, and I found it refreshing to have such a positive initial introduction. I did check out another dealer, which only confirmed my decision to work with Bill Miller and Performance to complete the sale with them. I just took possession of my new custom ordered 2012 Subaru Outback, and Bill was exceptional in helping me navigate the purchase and kept me updated as the car was built. I recommend Performance Subaru without reservation. -S. Tabbo
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