Volunteers For Youth Host 5th Annual Larry Fedora Golf Tournament


Monday, May 7th, 2018 Volunteers for Youth hosted the 5th Annual Larry Fedora Golf Tournament held at the Chapel Hill Country Club.  Hendrick Subaru Southpoint was proud to be a part of a program created to cultivate young people through several program avenues which provides them a foundation for a brighter future.  Volunteers for Youth Program Coordinator Nicole Hunter stated, “This year’s tournament was one of our most successful tournaments. I am glad to see our community supports our passion to make a difference in the lives of Orange County youth.”


The Volunteers for Youth mission is to “provide services to Orange County youth that help them become contributing members of the community by cultivating their strengths, encouraging positive relationships, and developing their ability to make responsible choices.”  


Tarheels Football Head Coach Larry Fedora hosts this event with a goal to assist in funding this program that was originally created by the State of North Carolina.  This program provides hope for those kids who struggle or exhibit signs of struggling in the community and partners them with a mentor who guides them in their path to adulthood.

Hendrick Subaru Southpoint is honored to sponsor in this charitable event because we work very hard to give back to our community and what better focus than that of our future adults.  



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