Get to Know Hendrick Subaru Southpoint Retail Operations Manager Anna Latta


When you visit Hendrick Subaru Southpoint, you immediately get a great feeling because whether you are there to purchase a vehicle, browse, or have your Subaru serviced, you are treated like family.  This is the goal of Retail Operations Manager Anna Latta.


Anna has been with Hendrick Subaru Southpoint since 1996 when it was located in Chapel Hill and under the Performance Subaru.  Under Anna’s leadership, the Subaru Team has grown, not only in size and sales, but also within the community.  It is no surprise that she and her team were recently awarded the Love Promise Community Commitment Award.  


When we asked Anna what led her to the automotive industry, she said, “I knew several friends who worked for Performance and I visited Performance to purchase a car.  While in the dealership, I was offered a job in sales. I said I needed to think about it and I took two weeks and researched the Hendrick Organization and interviewed with other dealerships to decide if I really wanted to leave my current job and make the move into the car business.  The decision was easy because Hendrick was the best fit; they were ahead of their time by having a female on the sales floor. They were coaching and training their teams, and the environment was friendly and inviting.”


Anna has worked diligently for the last 22 years to move up the ranks from new car sales to currently running Subaru as the Retail Operations Manager. Anna’s advice for anyone who wants to begin a career in the car business: “I think it is a great opportunity.  It is challenging, rewarding, and it has ups and downs like every business, but it is by far the best career move I’ve made. I’m glad I had a mentor who believed in me and Mr. Hendrick & our Market Area Vice President Gerald Ramoin who also believed in me and that it didn’t matter who I was, but knew I would grow and be successful.”   


When Anna was asked what her goals are for Hendrick Subaru Southpoint, she smiled and said, “I want Subaru to be #1!  I want to create an environment where my team wants to come to work, have a great time, to take care of our customers, to grow, promote people, and I want to be the best team Hendrick owns.”  


Hendrick Subaru Southpoint recently moved from Chapel Hill to Durham and changed their name from Performance Subaru to Hendrick Subaru Southpoint.  Anna expressed how the move was necessary and a wonderful opportunity for growth, but it was emotional. It had to be after 22 years, but their move went smoothly and they are so happy in their new home.  


After 22 years of working in the automotive industry Anna’s favorite thing about working in the automotive industry is, “When I hear a client say how much they love their Subaru.  My heart swells and feels so wonderful when they express what they will be using their new Subaru to do, from going camping, to this will be the car I bring my newborn home in, to this will be the Subaru I will use to adopt my new puppy.  All of the stories they share with me is a compass on how we are doing as a dealership and how we are helping to make people’s lives more fun, easier, and safer.”


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