Best Practice: Client Satisfaction Follow-Up Process

 Best Practice: Client Satisfaction Follow-Up Process


Here at Hendrick Subaru Southpoint (formerly Performance Subaru), we take your feedback seriously. I mean, really seriously.

Whether you came through our doors looking to purchase a Subaru or have your own serviced, we want to make sure your experience was truly exceptional. We have a special team here on site dedicated to gathering your feedback and processing every comment we receive – we call them our Client Satisfaction Team. They are responsible for monitoring our Customer Satisfaction Index [CSI], our internal system for measuring how well we are serving our customers. We use this information to find out whether we are meeting our own standards for excellence, to identify areas of improvement, and to find new growth opportunities.

Each day our CSI Team makes follow-up phone calls to each and every customer to ensure each one received the premier level of service we promise. As a customer, this is your opportunity to share your comments while your experience is still fresh in your mind. We value your positive feedback, as it encourages us to keep performing at a high level. Have you ever wondered what we do with your improvement suggestions? We see those as opportunities for us to learn and improve, and to make things right for you, we create what’s called an opportunity bulletin and we share that bulletin with our management team so they can contact the client for a resolution when applicable. We also log the bulletins and review a trend analysis so we can determine if we need to make any process revisions to better our clients.

Our CSI Team then takes the additional step of reaching out after the follow-up to find out whether the resolution was satisfying to the customer involved. They are committed to caring for the customer and seeing a resolution through to the end.

In addition to our CSI Team phone calls, we provide multiple ways for you to give your feedback in the format you find most convenient. Our CSI phone call is the first way we reach out, followed by our CSI Team email, which has the option to leave a 5-star style review on our website. After that, Subaru offers two options as well, a detailed online questionnaire and email survey. No matter which way you decide to share your comments, we are here to listen!

We constantly push ourselves on two fronts, to deliver both the Subaru promise of a “truly exceptional experience” and to pursue our Hendrick mission, to be the premier quality vehicle retailer in the world. Together, they drive us to be our best every day for you, our customer. We welcome you to come see us, take a look at our new world-class facility, and put our promises to the test. Our CSI Team is ready to receive your feedback and take action!

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