West Point On The Eno River

         Client Care Administrator Katelyn Spinner with a Subaru Crosstrek


The West Point on the Eno was once a thriving area to trade wares and conduct business, so the Festival on the Eno is a great way to honor the space that was once home to a thriving mill for over 160 years. Orange and Durham counties are rooted in this history, and preserving and restoring these spaces not only keep the stories of the past alive but allow us all to enjoy them in the present.  


The  Festival's for the Eno is still dedicated to the preservation and presentation of our rich and varied cultures and still offers plenty of hands on learning opportunities.  Attendees can "throw" a pot on a clay wheel, watch a water-powered grist mill grinding corn, or participate in urban farming, kayaking, weaving, and clean energy demonstrations, or participate in an old time or ukulele "jam" at the High Strung workshop stage.” --Festival For Eno



We had a chance to take our Subaru Crosstrek to the West Point on the Eno and it was awesome!  Katelyn, a member of our marketing team, stated, "The Crosstrek just felt at home on the gravel."  

Hendrick Subaru Southpoint is excited to be a part of the Festival again this year and we will be there on the 4th of July and on Saturday, July 7th, 2018. Spend your 4th of July on the Eno!  Visit our website for more details, and follow this link to purchase tickets.


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