The Top 3 Common Subaru Repairs We See in NC


Subaru cars are known for their durability and reliability. From the sheet metal to the engine to the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, your Subaru was built to last.

But like all Chapel Hill cars with more than 90,000 miles on the odometer, or that are getting up in age, there are some repairs you might need to plan for. Even the most dedicated care of your car can't help you avoid all essential repairs.

Fortunately, the experts at your local Performance Subaru center know how to address your Subaru repair issues, and we know how to fix it quickly and efficiently.


What are the 3 Most Common Repairs for Subaru?

  • A/C System O-rings
  • Front suspension issues
  • Head gaskets

If it's a warm day in Chapel Hill, and your air conditioning feels like its blowing warm, you may have an issue with your A/C system O-ring/gaskets. This is an easy repair, and all we'll need to do is replace some worn-out O-rings that seal the system.

Difficulty level: Fairly easy

Cost of repair: Cheap


Front suspension issues are another pretty common Subaru repair need, just because Subaru drivers tend to take full advantage of the capability and adventurous spirit of their cars. Extreme temperatures (which we're starting to see this winter) can really take a toll on the rubber bushings in your front suspension, and they may wear to the point of needing to be replaced.

Difficulty level: Easy to moderate (depending on the underlying issue)

Cost of repair: Low to moderate (depending on the underlying issue)


Then, there's the big one. If you've been in the Subaru world long enough, you've heard about head gasket problems. While the issue has been fixed for the most recent generations of Subaru cars and SUVs, older-model-year Subaru sedans and crossovers can suffer from leaky or even broken head gaskets. This is a repair that needs to be handled by an expert--do not try this one at home.

Difficulty level: High--for professionals only

Cost of repair: Moderate to high


If you need to address any of these or other common Subaru repairs, contact your local Subaru service center near Chapel Hill to schedule your appointment.


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