Purchasing A Subaru Was Never So Easy


Have you been thinking about purchasing a new Subaru?  It is a question that requires follow up questions and thoughts, such as

  • What is my current car worth? Will I get anything for it?

  • What will my payments look like each month?

  • How much money will I need to put down if any?

  • Do I qualify for a competitive financing rate?

  • What kind of Subaru should I purchase?

  • Should I get a protection plan?


This list can go on and on when it comes to thinking about buying a new vehicle and at Performance Subaru, we understand and anticipate these questions and we can educate buyers on the Subaru product.


How comfortable would you feel having the answers to these questions before you walked into our dealership?  Pretty comfortable right?  We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your research so we provide a service on our website titled Structure My Deal.  


Once you have looked at our inventory line up and our special incentives, Structure My Deal will help you find the trade value for your current vehicle and provides you with an idea of what your car is worth.  


Knowing the value of your trade helps you in the next step of the process of personalizing your payments.  Personalizing our payments helps you compare lease option or financing options to understand which would best fit your needs. Our Special Financing section also shows you the current monthly lease and financing incentives available to you on a new Subaru.  


One of the biggest reasons people spend all afternoon in the dealership is because they don’t know if they qualify for credit.  We don't want you to spend your entire day waiting on financing options, so Structure Your Deal allows you to save time by PreQualifying for credit from your own home.    


After all of the things are in line, you looked at our inventory and selected the car you want to purchase, you know the leasing and financing incentives, you have an idea of the trade in value for your current car, and you’ve prequalified for credit, the next step is to come into come into the dealership and talk with one of our product specialists to assist you in signing the paperwork and then selecting a protection plan for your new Subaru.  


Your time is important to us, and it is why we created Structure Your Deal, so you can spend less time in the dealership and more time in your new Subaru.  Visit our website to find learn more about making your next Subaru purchase easy and stress-free.

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