Transformation Thursday February 1, 2018

Today’s Transformation Thursday brings us on location with our Client Care Team.  It is always exciting for me to accompany the management staff and employees when they visit the new location for the first time.  There is much excitement and buzz in the air.  My weekly visits to photograph and video the transformation process of the building allows me to bring all of the wonderful progress to the staff and to you.

Client Care Service Manager Chris Johnston and Client Care Service rep Errol McCauley share their thoughts on the move,

Chris states, “It will bring wonderful opportunities” and Errol states, “I look forward to the new space and the ability to service more cars for our customers.”

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The changes to note this week
The sun rises and sets over the Subaru building so it gets so much beautiful natural light.  The tile is down and covered with paper.  The lifts in the service bay are being installed. There is still a lot to do, but it is coming along nicely.  

Our thank you

This change for us is exciting, but also bittersweet because Performance Subaru has been a part of the Chapel Hill community for over 25 years.  But, not to worry Chapel Hill residents, the drive is only 5 miles and quick 7 minutes away to our new location from our current one.  

To learn more about the drive, refer to our previous blog, The Drive to Our New Southpoint Location.


This move brings opportunity for growth within our company, within the community, and within our hearts.  
Thank you for evolving through this process with us.  


Destination Southpoint 2018, Go Team Hendrick!



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