Stay Adventurous By Protecting Your Subaru Investment

Finance Manager Moose Qomaq has the answers to your Autoguard questions


Subaru owners are a versatile group of people because they span from adventure seekers, nature lovers, to family focused and animal lovers who lead myriad lifestyles.  Subaru understands the diverse group of Subaru lovers and offers a Subaru that will meet the customer’s needs all while offering safety and innovative features in each model.  

The Crosstrek is one of those sporty vehicles that offers an 8.5-inch ground clearance for country and off-road adventure seekers all while powered with 152-horsepower to get you out of sticky offroading situations.  


EyeSight Driver Assistance keeps your aware of what is ahead and around you.  While you are driving along with Lane Assist, you will know what is around your Crosstrek at all times.  All 2018 Crosstreks come equipped with Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive which will provide power to all four wheels at the same time.  The all-wheel drive allows the Crosstrek to handle any weather condition while delivering a smoother ride.


With all of the adventures this Crosstrek will enjoy, it is a great idea to protect your investment with one of our Autoguard Vehicle Protection programs, like the Paintless Dent Repair or Car Care.  


Paintless Dent Repair covers “minor dents and dings” without disrupting the factory paint on your Subaru, and more.

  • No restrictions on the number of claims you make.

  • Sign & Drive experience, no deductible, no out-of-pocket expense.

  • Your repair is guaranteed for the contract term.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Your program is transferable to the next owner of the vehicle.

  • PDR methods are more convenient and less time consuming than traditional body shop repairs.

  • Protects your car’s value when it comes time to sell or trade.

  • May reduce Lease turn in penalties.

The Car Care System helps protect your paint from the elements and the interior from stains too.  This protection allows you to live your life without the worry of minor damage.

“The Hendrick Autoguard Car Care System is designed to keep your vehicle looking good inside and out for years by protecting the interior and exterior from stains, road grime, harmful elements, and normal wear and tear. In addition, the System includes the Hendrick Autoguard Car Care Kit, which will help you car maintain your vehicle’s new look and luster.”

Exterior Protection

  • Creates a protective barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the elements.

  • Chemically bonds to the paint to seal in the showroom shine for years.

  • Resists ultra violet rays, oxidation, detergents and pollutants.

  • Easy to maintain — simply re-apply twice a year, call us we will re-apply you.  


Vinyl & Leather Conditioning

Sun and age have a way of fading and cracking your car’s vinyl and leather. But we have a way of protecting them and making them look good in the process. Hendrick Autoguard Vinyl & Leather Conditioner gives vinyl and leather a soft finish and a beautiful, rich look. And it doesn’t leave a greasy film.

  • Conditions and protects.

  • Fights fading and cracking.

  • UV inhibitors seal out ultra violet rays.


Fabric Protection with Banoyl

  • Encapsulates the individual fibers.

  • Repels both oil and water-based stains.

  • Coffee - Kool Aid - Grease - Soft Drinks - Food Spills.

  • No reapplication necessary.

  • Easy clean up — spills simply lift away.


Hendrick Subaru Southpoint wants you to love your Crosstrek and offering Autoguard programs is one of our ways to keep you loving your car over time.  Visit us today to talk about your next Crosstrek or Subaru purchase and ask us about your Autoguard programs.


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